Because there is no perfect way to start anything, I’ll just begin.

What you’re going to find here is a multitude of things. You’ll see me writing articles on music, film, sports, tech, gadgets, apps, and just about anything else that grabs my attention long enough to write about. You’ll also see me sharing links of content I’ve found throughout the web from friends on various social sites.

I’m very socially active online.
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and many other sites.

You can find me by name ( Billy Wichterman ) or my Internet ID ( iWIC3 ) everywhere online.

I sincerely appreciate all comments and all those who share what I’ve written and shared.

Without your eyes reading and your fingers clicking, or touching a link on a touchscreen, I would not have been so inspired to follow what many others have done and followed their lead to create this domain in my name.

Thank you.