old glory
This blog post is intended to be informational and I’d appreciate any feedback I receive. I do not mind if you absolutely disagree or fully agree or are apathetic towards what I am about to share. That’s not the point. The point is this: steady change is happening before us and I feel we all should at least try to understand what is happening. It’s been happening since before I was born in 1980. Today’s Internet & Social Media services are allowing us all to gain access to things that we have questioned, but the question remains… How long?

There are people in Congress who will never read this blog post. Sure, they were voted into office by the citizens of the United States and we can think of hundreds of reasons why they wouldn’t read the content their constituents have shared. Maybe if one Political Science major stumbles across this and shares it with their colleagues and classmates the folks I voted for would catch wind of it and perhaps even read this for themselves. Then again, I’m reminded that some, if not most (or all) of those elected officials are swayed more so by lobbyists than their constituents.

As Justin Bale states on his Google Plus profile, “You can protest the government all you want, keep putting new people in power. It won’t change till we get the money out.”

If I’ve learned nothing else from CNBC’s “American Greed” I’ve learned that detectives and investigators track criminal activity by doing the same thing in every case, they Follow The Money!

It’s not often I get involved in any kind of political banter, whether it be in person or online, but when I saw this tweet retweeted to my timeline on December 18, 2011, I wondered aloud, “WHY?!” then I remembered that the most important question to anything is not “Why?” but rather, “How?”

The source behind that article can be found in this report from The Public Campaign titled, “FOR HIRE: Lobbyists or the 99%?”

For the record, while typing this post, I was watching “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back” – a film from the year I was born – 1980 – and I have always believed the citizens of this democracy are the Empire of this Nation. Some have already begun to “strike back” with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. But this is just the beginning. I believe in a peaceful movement where together, we can systematically convince our elected officials to vote for the purposes, programs and reasons we voted for them.

I’m aware that this blog post is a risk, but isn’t everything? It’s a calculated risk. When I think back to what happened to David Seaman, I wonder how Google Plus has helped Justin Bale share the images, videos, and practices of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, whereas Twitter has suspended David Seaman for doing practically the same exact thing. Thankfully, David Seaman is on Google Plus & the conversation has evolved there thanks in part to a letter by Josh Gaines.

Thank you for reading. Let’s work together to better America for one another. Cheers!

_Billy Wichterman_